Canon W-E1

Maybe your one of those who’s got a Canon 7D mark II, 5DS or 5DS R, but you don’t got a WiFi! It’s time to do something about just that. Or Canon just did. They’ve made a brand new memorycard lookalike that is allot more than a memorycard. It’s a WiFi-card you can insert in the SD slot and this will make your camera even more fun then it already is! With this card you loose your backupcard slot, but you now have the opportunity to use the EOS app to download pictures to your smartphone or control your camera with LiveView! It’s pretty brilliant! I love this! And… It’s cheap. Forget the CamRanger.. This little card is 50$.. cheap? Yeah, I told you it was amazing! Run to buy! A great improvement to your camera!

Comment if there is anything you wanna ask me or tell me!

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