Nikon D500 vs Canon 7D mark II

First I need to start by saying this, this is my first post ever, so this is going to be interesting in so many ways. I’m Norwegian, so please don’t expect my english to be perfect, because I know it’s crap! So lets start the fun!

The question of what DSLR to chose of the Canon 7D mark II and the Nikon D500 has been really frustrating. When it comes to discussing Nikon vs Canon there will always be a huge discussion, wich system is the best and the answer is easy… both.. It’s all about what your used to, where you like your button placement and how you like the grip to be..

The Nikon D500 came pretty surprising on the whole marked of action and nature photagraphers. It took some time for Nikon to upgrade their beloved D300, but now it’s here, trying to compete with the excellent Canon 7D mark II. But can it handle the pressure. And can it compete with it? The answer is easy: YES! You didn’t see that coming so sone. I can ruin more for you. It’s a better camera then the 7D mark II from Canon. Why? It’s newer and it is made to compete (and win) against the Canon 7D mark II. Nikon wouldn’t make a camera now, two years after the 7D mark II came without making any approvements! That would have beed rediculous. This camera was made to convert Canonsians to Nikonsians! As easy as that. So the Nikon D500 is best- run and buy it….. no…. I’m not done..

Why is the Nikon best. It’s newer. It’s less noise in the high ISO-speeds. The AF system is breathtaking and the camera is, in general, two years newer. Try to compare a iphone 6 with an iphone 5 and you’ll understand my point. But eventhough it’s better, is it that much bettet? Well… yes.. no!? No!!

When the Canon 7D mark II came it had a revolutionary AF system that was really good! Now, when the Nikon D500 is here, the Canon 7D mark II is still great. It’s not bad just because somethings better. The high ISO does’nt mattet either, because who takes photos on high ISO-speeds anyway? Indoors, maybe somtimes, but really? Is it worth switching all your expensive geard, and is it worth paying that extra amount of money to get Nikon instead of Canon? The answer is No. Offcourse it’s not worth it, unless you feel it’s worth it.. Then it’s absolutely worth it. Colours are great, ISO less noise at high ranges and the AF is only AMAZING. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!

Both cameras has a crop sensor and both can do a really good job when it comes to taking photos in everyday life as well. A fast focusing camera is equivalent to more sharp images of your kids playing, birthdayparties and those beautifull photos of your wife. Both cameras do a good job here. Put on a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 and enjoy. You will bot be disappointed! These cameraes are amazing! The reason I mentioned the Sigma and not the Nikon’s or Canon’s 50mm, or the Zeiss Otus, is because i LOVE the Sigma. But I can talk mora about that later!

Both cameras has dual card slots, this is great for backup of files while your shooting! It can’t be better than that!

For amateures the Nikon can be tempting because og the WiFi, but just now Canon released a new “memorycard” – the W-E1 that lets the Canon 7D mark II also be handlened with wifi. It makes the Canon 7D mark II a WiFi camera. Just put the “SD”-card into the SD slot and ylur regular CF card into the CF slot and you have a WiFi camera just as the Nikon D500. Transfer photos to cellphobe or control it with LiveView!

The Canon 7D mark II is a great camera and the Nikon D500 is an even greater camera. But choose with your heart. Go to a store and try do hold them both in your hand. Feel them. Sometimes that can help a little. I love the Canon grip and buttons, but thats me! I have a friend that loves the Nikon. And we both enjoy and love our cameras and we both can take great shots. Spend some time and think and chose the system you want for the future and not only here an now! It’s your choice! But if you can’t afford the Nikon D500, chose the Canon and become 100 % satisfied! I can promise you that. 65 focus point spread aroubd is enough and sometimes its actually to many!! And the AF is really good in the Canon also!

To just wrap it up I want to say like Scott Kelby once said in one of his many great books. A pro can take great pictures with a cheap compact camera. So the equioment isn’t all, but it’s a start!

If there’s anything I can help you with, just ask! Please reply if you liked my first blogpost! There will be more!

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